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October 16, 2008


Elite In-Home Personal Training

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(SACRAMENTO, CA)  Born and raised in Sacramento California, Malcolm Tears II was destined for a successful career within the fitness industry due to his athletic and scholastic accomplishments, as well as having many great mentor’s who believe Elite In-Home Personal Training’s mission.

“My passion for sports formed early, as my Uncle, Dusty Baker, taught me how to be successful through hard work, commitment, and discipline.  Having the opportunity to chat with baseball greats such as Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, JT Snow, Orlando Cepeda, and others as a San Francisco Giants Bat Boy also gave me depth, insight, and the confidence needed for a successful athletic career, as well.”

Tears would go on to play football for Fresno State University, following in the footsteps of his cousin, Marquez Pope.  He would go on to break three all-time school records as a true freshman.  Having a promising and successful freshman campaign, he was destined for greatness and considered one of the top backs on the team.  However, fate followed his sophomore year, as he would tear his ACL and Meniscus in summer training camp, forcing him to move back and live in Sacramento.

Having a difficult time dealing with the sudden loss of his football career, he decided to make the most of his situation by taking a job as a personal trainer while finishing school at California State University, Sacramento.  It was then that he decided to become a bodybuilder, entering and winning his first bodybuilding competition.

“I trained myself and did all of my own meal planning to show current and future clients that I had mastered the art of getting in shape, whether it was toning or taking it to the extreme and achieving the conditioning required to be a top level bodybuilder.”

Malcolm’s success in the sport of bodybuilding continued, as he was featured in Flex Magazine shortly after his first victory. This past March, he was offered an endorsement contract with one of the industry’s largest supplement companies.  Malcolm chose to respectfully decline the offer, as it would take him away from the business and Elite’s In-Home Personal Training’s mission:  “Influence Americans to Make Health and Fitness a Lifestyle, Not a Goal.”

Staying busy as always, Malcolm added more to his plate.  His love and passion was for bodybuilding and personal training, and although these were two things he loved doing and continued to do, they were no longer adequate to accomplish his goals.  As college was coming to an end, he got a real-estate license and also began working as a Director for a 70 million dollar corporation.  The corporate twelve-hour a day job took it’s toll and took him completely out of his strength zone.  Despite the great income as a one of the companies top performer, he absolutely disliked it!  This learning experience eventually brought him back to his strength zone; back to what he does and loves best, “INFLUENCING AMERICANS TO MAKE HEALTH AND FITNESS A LIFESTYLE, NOT A GOAL!”

Shortly after returning to the fitness industry, Malcolm met the first two of his current group of mentors, two highly respected international business professionals who give him valuable insight, support, and the encouragement needed to continue where he left off.  Now he is back operating Sacramento’s only successful in-home personal training company.

Currently, Elite In-Home Personal Training is the only personal and professional in-home personal training company in Sacramento.  All personal trainers are insured, background-checked, and certified.  The company guarantees results, or your money back!  Their list of clients ranges from the ages of 6 to 63 years old.  They train clients for all aspects of competition and personal goals, whether it’s the high school star running back training for a collegiate career, or the full-time, working mother and father.

Elite In-Home Personal Training has changed countless lives, and is continuing to do so.  Whether it’s through their high school outreach program, their annual charity event, getting closet smokers to quit smoking, or by influencing clients to achieve personal weight management goals, the company’s results are fascinating and reachable for all. 

Therefore, Elite In-Home Personal Training hopes to influence Sacramento and the American population to make Health and Fitness a Lifestyle, Not a Goal!  One-on-one personal training is vital in beginning this journey because the road to great physical health and happiness begins with each individual.  Start your engines and get moving!  If you are ready to make a personal change to begin living an enriched life by making Health and Fitness a Lifestyle, Not a Goal; and are in need of personal and professional assistance, please contact Malcom Tears II and the Elite In-Home Personal Training staff at (916) 548-3083 for more information.

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