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Free Health and Fitness Tips!

          Over the years, coffee has become a mainstay in the life of Elite In-Home Personal Training clients and many other health and fitness enthusiasts everywhere. It gives you a burst of energy when needed and best of all, it helps keep the fat off!


          Some weight loss clients have been advised to drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning before a workout to help reduce body fat.  The client will wake up and drink 2 cups of coffee on an empty stomach. By the time they are finished, their Elite In-Home Personal Trainer should be at their door waiting to take them through another exciting workout.

            The caffeine in the coffee will boost their endurance by prolonging fatigue and help the client burn just body fat. What many people do wrong is they eat a meal right before a workout and then wonder why they crash during a workout. Unfortunately, following the routine just outlined instead of the routine outlined in the second paragraph will only maintain or worsen your current weight and body fat levels instead of tapping into and burning your excess body fat storage to lower those measurements.

Some other benefits to drinking coffee are:

  • improvements to long term memory
  • stimulates the bowels
  • natural diuretic


Of course, plenty of clear liquids should be taken in to flush out toxins no matter how much coffee is consumed.

            The only proven negative effect of coffee is that unfiltered coffee beans have compounds that could possibly raise your blood cholesterol as much as 20 points. Basically, stay away from coffee made in a French press. Many people claim the flavor is better but obviously not healthy for the body. Therefore, drink only filtered coffee!!

A couple of tidbits of information about caffeine:

  • 1 shot of espresso has less caffeine than regular coffee
  • 1 cup of tea has more caffeine than regular coffee
  • 1 cup of coffee can enhance your alertness


So, go ahead and have a java jolt and enjoy! Take advantage of the benefits a hot cup of coffee can do for you. One short, skinny latte to go could add amazing results to your life!!

Elite In-Home Personal Training



          Today Elite In-Home Personal Training Sacramento will let you in on a little secret and tell you what the best workout routine is for beginners!  The routine is called the “Legs – Push – Pull” routine.  This is a simple routine that any beginner can follow.  We recommend following this routine for one to three months and then advancing from there! Feel free to contact us if you would like to get more details on this routine or would like to find out how we can design an individualized program just for you!  Good Luck!   



Weight Training 

          Day 1: Legs  

                *** Perform four exercises, doing three sets per exercise for a total of twelve sets.

          Day 2: Push Day (chest/triceps) 

               *** Perform three exercises, doing three sets per exercise for a total of nine sets for chest.

               *** Perform two exercises, doing three sets per exercise for a total of six sets for triceps.

          Day 3: Pull (back/biceps)

               *** Perform three exercises, doing three sets per exercise for a total of nine sets for back.

               *** Perform two exercises, doing three sets per exercise for a total of six sets for biceps.



               *** Do 25 minutes of cardio – four times per week.  




Whether your trying to lose weight or simply find a healthful eating plan you can stick with, you’re bound to fail if you try to stay on a diet. Invariably , people on diets end up depriving themselves of certain foods and /or scrupulously counting calories. Virtually no one can maintain long-term deprivation because our bodies are programmed to avoid this type of ongoing discomfort. And calorie restriction causes your metabolism to slow down in order to preserve energy, often resulting in more stored fat.

Even if your weight is ideal, you still cna benefit from some of the strategies described in the following tips because they promote healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

1. Spice up your morning eggs. Cayene and other forms of red pepper contain capsaicin, a substance that suppresses appetite signals, increases metabolism and decreases the desire for food later in the day. In addition, eggs are high in protein, which tends to induce feelings of fullness.

2. Consume fiber early in the day. Fiber increases levels of appetite-suppressing signals in the small intestine. Eating fiber early in the day makes people less hungry in the afternoon – the time  when most of us tend to eat snacks and other calorie-dense foods. Consume about 30 g of fiber daily in the form of high-fiber cereals, fruits and vegetables, and 100% whole grains.

3. Eat nuts. The monounsaturated fat in nuts stimulates the production of cholecystokinin (CCK), a chemical messenger that slows the rate at which the stomach empties and reduces appetite without putting your body into starvation mode. Before lunch and/or dinner, have about six walnuts, 12 almonds or 12 hazelnuts.

I have seven other tips for you that I will share with you on my up coming  blogs. Remember that Elite In-Home Personal Training is committed to giving you the results and knowledge that you need to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Call us today to schedule your FREE Fresh Start Appointment with one of Sacramento’s elite personal trainers.  Elite In-Home Personal Training, more than just a workout!

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How can I grocery shop more effectively?

*  Read and understand food labels
*  Shop on a full stomach
*  Shop with a prepared list of items and try to stick to it
*  Avoid unnecessary isles ie. Candy isle
*  Shop once a month for such things as canned goods, cereals, condiments, rice, pastas, etc.
*  Shop bi-monthly for meats and breads to freeze
*  Shop weekly for fresh  produce, dairy and baked goods.
*  Start on the perimeter of the grocery store and work yourself towards the middle if necessary.
*  Know that frozen, packaged, convenience foods are preserved and flavored with a lot of sugar, fat and sodium.
*  Plan to purchase healthy foods for your each of your meals and snacks each day.
*  Having food available will prevent the need to eat out.
*  Know that food labels list ingredients according to quantity.  Greatest to least.  For example, you would think that Honey Bunches of Oats is mostly oats right?  Wrong.  Oats isn’t listed until after the 3rd item.
*  Your daily intake of sodium should not exceed 2400 milligrams.  So try to avoid such foods as canned meat, frozen meals/foods and most snack items.

Why do I need to shop more effectively?

*  It will help you manage your calorie intake, keeping you within your desired calorie range.
*  It will keep you out of undesirable isles – helping to prevent against buying unwanted foods, therefore keeping you from eating high calorie foods.
*  Once grocery shopping and healthy cooking becomes a habit, eating out will seem less appealing. recommends that we eat foods within the following food content ranges:

*  Meats and cheeses:  50% fat or less
*  Entrees:  20-30% or less
*  Snacks/Desserts: 20% fat or less
*  Cereals/Breads: 12% fat or less

Stick to some of these helpful tips and see a change!!  Visit calorie for more nutrition facts.

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Every year, month, week, day, minute, people all over the world are making the decision to get back on track with their health and fitness goals. Conversely, every year, month, week, day, minute, there are people all over the world, failing to meet those very same goals. A huge factor in this is their level of “self talk.” All too often, people set out to achieve wonderful goals, but end up talking themselves out of it.

All too often people get so excited and motivated towards their goal, experience one bump in the road, and they feel as though they are back at square one. This is not the case, and can be avoided with a greater awareness of their “self talk.” We have all done it.

We all have talked ourselves out of one situation or another because we didn’t want to put in the time or deal with the struggle or be disappointed in ourselves for quitting. The most common ways are “I can’t do this” or “I don’t have time for this.” Chances are, it really “is” something that we want, or else we wouldn’t have started it. All those mean are we are not willing to put out the effort.

We are greatly influenced by our thoughts and feelings. As long as we are telling ourselves we “can’t” “wont” “shouldn’t”, then we’re right, we wont. Its like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Many times people will go on vacation, or take a weekend away, only to return with a negative attitude. They feel they had splurged too much and not exercised enough, causing them to slide back to square one. This is hardly the case, and most likely they deserved a little break. It is impossible to lose all the great qualities and skills you had gained before the short break. Think back to before the break and how you had incorporated all of those great lifestyle changes into your daily life and how you were feeling. It is a day by day process, and takes time to gain, and takes time to lose. Sometimes the negative self talk can overshadow all of the positive habits you had learned. So instead of “I feel fat and disgusting and I don’t have the willpower to start back up again.” Try saying, “It was a great break, being able to eat whatever I wanted. But I am ready to reinvest time into myself and be dedicated to my nutrition, cardio and strength programs, because it is what I truly want and I deserve it.”

Here are a few tips to help with your positive self talk.

1. Every morning when you wake up, say something positive to yourself. It could be about the day ahead, about the previous day, it could be something to yourself.

2. During workouts, try to keep a positive attitude and encourage yourself.

3. After workouts, tell yourself how great and accomplished you feel and why. Commend yourself on your hard work. Even if you have a sub par workout, say “Something is better than nothing.”

4. Spread your positive energy to others. Compliment someone, whether you know them or not. It could be about their hair, shoes, tie, personality, quality you like, etc. Whatever strikes you at that moment about them. Putting out positive energy will cause you to receive it in return. Keep in mind, if we put out negative energy, we tend to get negative energy in return.

5. Before you fall asleep, say something positive about yourself and your commitment to your program.

As you continue with this, you will be able to recognize your negative self talk, and make a change before it is able to interfere with your progress.

Its so important that you are able to exercise positive self talk and tell yourself you are worthwhile and that you hold value, in the world, to your family, friends and to yourself! Visualize yourself as capable, confident and successful and notice the changes in your life.

Good luck, stay positive and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle!!

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