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Insider Exclusive! Advanced Training Routine


          Here is an inside look at Elite In-Home Personal Trainer Malcolm Tears II current workout routine as he gets ready for the 2010 Contra Costa Classic and the 2010 California State Bodybuilding Classic.  This program should be only be followed by an advanced athlete with years of training under their belt.  If you are not at that level yet or even if you never have aspirations of being a top competitor in your sport, you can take some of this valuable information and apply it to you training and watch as the results begin to show and people start to take notice!  So far, Malcolm has lost 24 pounds and has seven and a half weeks left until he steps on stage at the Contra Costa Classic.  How much more will he lose? Stay tuned to find out.  Until then, DO WORK SON! 


      Malcolm’s training is done with the intensity knob turned all the way up!  He typically does 12-15 sets per bodypart, 5-15 reps per set.  Each workout lasts no longer than forty five minutes .  The exception is on leg day.  On leg day, Malcolm does 24 total sets in only 75 minutes, doing between eitght and fifteen reps per bodypart!  Calfs and abs are done either at the beginning or end of his workout and he always does eight sets.  The rep range for calfs and abs can vary anywhere from 10 to 100 reps!

Monday : Chest/Calfs

Tuesday: Back/Abs

Wednesday: Legs/Calfs

Thursday: Shoulders/Abs

Friday: Arms/Calfs

Saturday: no weight training

Sunday: no weight training


     Malcolm’s cardio routine is as follows.  This routine is followed every day:

  • Cardio session #1 is done before Malcolm’s first meal for 40 minutes walking on the treadmill.
  • Cardio session #2 is done mid-day for 30 minutes walking on the treadmill

Questions?  Send your questions to any of the links below and a response will be returned promptly!


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