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AAAAWWWWW YEAH! Hmm Ginger. Between her and MaryAnn why would anyone want to get off that island. But I know another ginger that actually may not look as great, but is much more beneficial toyou and your health. Shall we?

Ginger is great for joints and muscle aches and can decrease your headaches. In a recent study, participants who took 500-milligrams (mg) tablets of gingerol, the component that gives ginger its bite, twice a day, for three months experienced the same reduction in inflammation as when they took aspriin for three months.

Ginger can also help with arthritis pain. Ginger relieves arthritis pain, we hear from Sung Woo Kim, PhD. Ginger supplements soothe osteoarthritic joints by inhibiting production of pain-causing prostaglandins.

Also Ginger eases nausea. In a review of studies involving a total of 363 people, those who were given at least  1 g of  powdered gingerroot capsules one hour prior to surgery were one-third less likely to nausea and vomiting during the first 24 hours after the operation than those who got a placebo capsule The theory behind this is that ginger may suppress the neurotransmitter serotonin, which plays a role in triggering nausea and vomiting.

Although the island Ginger is great to look at,she doesnt provide all the health benefits that natural ginger can provide to you and your body. If possible take a 100-mg supplement, such as Gingerforce, one to three times a day, and as always, check with your physician before taking any new supplements or vitamins. Until next time.

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