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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Weight lifting is important in helping you look good and in preserving the quality of life as you age.  Women particularly benefit from weight lifting by increasing their bone density which diminishes with aging.  Burning calories is also associated with lifting weights even hours after your work out is done.  Metabolic activity increases for the entire day from the time your challenging your muscles to the repairing of your muscles after a work out.   

Steps to go by when working out:

1)      Define your goals

2)      Choose the right equipment

3)      Don’t go it alone (work out with a partner)

4)      Learn the power of slow (slow down for control)

5)      Rest and Recover (do not work out the same muscles everyday)

6)      Chow down to build up (you need protein for your muscles to recover)

If you have any question on working out or nutritional consumption please email or call Elite In-Home Personal Training we are more then will to help you out.

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