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F.I.T.T.E. Principal Our bodies adapt so quickly to our environment and the stresses we apply to it that we must have guidelines for change. There are some key components that we can manipulate to keep the body guessing and to ultimately keep you seeing results. The F.I.T.T.E. Principal is where we can manipulate the Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type, and Enjoyment.

The first component is Frequency. Frequency refers to the number of sessions you perform that activity. The timeframe of reference is typically a week, so how many times an activity such as weight training is performed in a week. For results, the recommended number is 3-5.

Intensity is the level of stressed placed on the body by an activity. The most common measure of this is by heart rate. You are able to evaluate what range your heart rate is in and make adjustments from there. For general health, working in an upper/moderate range would be recommended. This allows for a longer duration of exercise, and should not cause quick exhaustion. This would be by performing at 60-90 percent of maximum heart rate.

Time refers the length of time engaged in an activity. This component is typically measured in minutes and is dependent on the activity. A person doing wind sprints may only perform 10 seconds of activity at a time, while another person may be training for a marathon so is running for over 3 hours at a time. For general health it is recommended to perform at least 30 minutes a day. This could be broken up into segments such as three 10 minute segments, or two 15 minute segments. For improved fitness level it is recommended to perform 30-60 minutes per day.

Type refers to the mode being used. It is an endless list of options. Here are a few. • Rowing Machine • Treadmill • Bike • Stair Climber • Elliptical • Trail Running • Walking • Mountain Biking • Dancing • Parking further in the parking lot • Weight Training • Sports Depending on each individual goal and where you are in your training program will determine which mode you will use.

The last component is Enjoyment. Enjoyment for many is the most important and often the most overlooked. It is pivotal to our long-term success that we engage in activities that we enjoy and that coincide with our likes and dislikes. If I hate to ride the bike, why would I make myself do 60 minutes of torture when I could put in my time on the rowing machine or treadmill. Enjoyment is directly associated with retention and results. So go out and find some things that you like to do and get moving towards your goal!!

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