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How can I grocery shop more effectively?

*  Read and understand food labels
*  Shop on a full stomach
*  Shop with a prepared list of items and try to stick to it
*  Avoid unnecessary isles ie. Candy isle
*  Shop once a month for such things as canned goods, cereals, condiments, rice, pastas, etc.
*  Shop bi-monthly for meats and breads to freeze
*  Shop weekly for fresh  produce, dairy and baked goods.
*  Start on the perimeter of the grocery store and work yourself towards the middle if necessary.
*  Know that frozen, packaged, convenience foods are preserved and flavored with a lot of sugar, fat and sodium.
*  Plan to purchase healthy foods for your each of your meals and snacks each day.
*  Having food available will prevent the need to eat out.
*  Know that food labels list ingredients according to quantity.  Greatest to least.  For example, you would think that Honey Bunches of Oats is mostly oats right?  Wrong.  Oats isn’t listed until after the 3rd item.
*  Your daily intake of sodium should not exceed 2400 milligrams.  So try to avoid such foods as canned meat, frozen meals/foods and most snack items.

Why do I need to shop more effectively?

*  It will help you manage your calorie intake, keeping you within your desired calorie range.
*  It will keep you out of undesirable isles – helping to prevent against buying unwanted foods, therefore keeping you from eating high calorie foods.
*  Once grocery shopping and healthy cooking becomes a habit, eating out will seem less appealing. recommends that we eat foods within the following food content ranges:

*  Meats and cheeses:  50% fat or less
*  Entrees:  20-30% or less
*  Snacks/Desserts: 20% fat or less
*  Cereals/Breads: 12% fat or less

Stick to some of these helpful tips and see a change!!  Visit calorie for more nutrition facts.

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