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I have seen lower back pain in young adults to the elderly due to muscle strain, injuries, or over usage.  To possibly get rid of lower back pain you can become more active, avoid bad posture, use ice, or pain relievers.    Becoming more active and avoiding bad posture is the best bet in reducing lower back pain.  By doing easy exercises you can build up your back muscles so those muscles can help maintain proper posture.  Using proper posture will help your muscles from over usage and injury. 

Here are some exercises to help strengthen you lower back:

Aerobic exercise (conditioning for the muscles)

Strengthening exercises (builds muscles for your back, stomach, and leg muscles)

Stretching exercises (helps lower injury in muscles and supporting tissue flexibility)

 If you still have lower back pains after using these tips please contact your physician at your earliest convenience.  Now, if you have a medical condition contact your physician to see if you can even attempt these tips.  Our personal trainers can work with you to strengthen your lower back and/or build the muscles in your lower back.



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