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Certain cells of the body store surpluys food in the form of fat or animal starch. This is released from storage when there is not enough food in the blood to supply the energy demands of the body. Few of the things we eat can be used directly by the body cells. They must be changed chemically before the can supply the energy required. This is called digestion and is carried out in the stomach and in the small intestine, from where this digested food must be transported to the cells. Now the food, in the form of digested sugars, and proteins, and starches dissolved in water, passes into the blood system where, as blood, it can circulate through the body in less then one minute. Once the food is in the blood stream it is soon delivered to all the cells of the body by means of the red corpuscles in the blood. It is when this supply falls low that the energy stores come into action.

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